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A list of the more popular Filipino dishes from Pinoy's all time favorite, Adobo to Sinigang to salads. We will add new recipes for your cooking pleasure as we continue to develop this site. Enjoy the recipes below and happy cooking!



Free Filipino Food Recipes List



Filipino Pork & Beef Recipes

Adobo - chicken and or pork cooked in soy sauce vinegar and pepper.

Beef Tapa - served with egg and fried rice...Tapsilog!

Crispy Pata - deep fried pork leg.

Guisadong Baka - sautéed beef.

Kalderetang Baka - beef or goat stew

Kare-Kare - beef and or ox tail in peanut sauce.

Kilawin - pork cooked in vinegar.

Longganisa - pork sausages Filipino style

Mechado - beef cooked in tomato sauce and spices.

Menudo - pork and liver dish in tomato sauce.

Morcon - beef roll stuffed with eggs, sausages, fat and cheese.

Niilagang Baka - beef stew.

Pork Steak - pork or beef (bistek) Filipino style

Sinigang na Baboy - tamarind based pork & vegetable soup

Sweet and Sour Pork - fried pork topped with sweet-sour pineapple sauce.


Filipino Chicken Recipes

Chicken Afritada - chicken with potatoes, bell pepper in tomato sauce

Chicken Pastel - baked chicken cream pie

Fried Chicken - deep fried chicken

Roasted Chicken - grilled or baked chicken

Chicken Teriyaki - Japanese inspired dish adopted to Filipino taste

Chicken Curry - spicy dish with coconut milk

Rellenong Manok - stuffed chicken

Tinolang Manok - chicken stew


Filipino Seafood & Vegetables Recipes

Adobong Kangkong - river spinach cooked in vinegar & soy sauce.

Adobong Pusit - squid cooked in vinegar, onion, garlic and spices.

Bicol Express - vegetables & chili peppers cooked in coconut milk - hot!

Chopsuey - sautéed mixed vegetables.

Ginataang Kalabasa - squash cooked in coconut milk.

Laing - taro leaves cooked in coconut milk with jalapeño peppers.

Pinakbet - mixed vegetables and pork stew cooked with bagoong (anchovies).

Rellenong Bangus - stuffed milkfish.

Mixed Seafood with Oyster Sauce - crabs, prawns, squid and mussels


Filipino Noodle & Rice Recipes

Filipino Spaghetti - Filipino styled spaghetti.

Pansit Bihon - a thin white rice noodle dish with chicken, scallions, carrots, soy sauce...

Pansit Canton - egg noodle dish with chicken, vegetables, shrimp and Chinese sausage.

Pansit Palabok - rice flour noodles topped with crab sauce, eggs, shrimps, squid, garlic...

Sinangag or Fried Rice - fried steamed rice mixed with egg and meat


Filipino Barbeque Recipes

Chicken Barbeque - grilled marinated chicken on skewers

Pork Barbeque - grilled marinated pork on skewers


Desserts & Salads

Leche Flan - Filipino styled custard

Halayang Ube - Purple yam jam using real ube root with condensed and evaporated milk.

Chicken Macaroni Salad recipe

Chicken Potato Salad recipe

Atsara or Atchara (Pickled Green Papaya) - a favorite Pinoy side dish for fried meats.




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